Buy now the Beyma 18LX60 18″ Watt AES 8 Ohm LX60 Series Long Excursion Bass Car Woofer and take advantage of our low prices and Free Shipping. (34) 96 13 75 · Fax (34) 96 15 07 · · E-mail: [email protected] ·. 18LX60V2. LOW FREQUENCY TRANSDUCER. Subwoofer Beyma 18LX General specifications: diameter 18 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self resonance Fs=

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X Damage peak to peak. Or you could have a problem with the way you are measuring it.

Beyma 18 LX 60

I have noticed that the speakers do seem as if they are fighting each other. Heres the specs Specifications.

Voice Coil Overhang Xmax. Scott, Everyone has a duh moment,Shaw Edit: No pressed pulp Cone Design: If you want beuma kick bin, look at the HD I’m new to this board.


Beyma 18lxv2 8 Ohm w AES Bass Speakers Subwoofer 25 Hz – 1 kHz | eBay

Sounds like the drivers are ‘fighting’ with each other. The Iphone mic preamp clips around dB, get a real meter if you want to test loud. Joseph Metoyer wrote on Wed, 14 April I have been testing the box with a few free iphone SPL applications. I can imagine it’s pretty demanding on gear!

I have a friend who does the noise thing. Joseph Metoyer Newbie Offline Posts: This page was generated in 0. Volume Displaced By Driver. This might be the problem.

I have a few different drivers available, just trying to find out what of them could be used for kick bins. I am interested in hearing about how building separate 1l8x60 will reduce cancellation. Aluminum Voice Coil Winding Depth: I stand roughly a meter away and play cd’s, adjusting the volume on the mixer until the amp is approaching clipping.

The Beyma 18 LX 60 has no characteristics as a mid-bass kick driver. Separate chambers will keep the cones from beuma each other, which will clean things up and allow proper tuning for the different speakers. Caleb Dick AVE Why waste time with second best Experience is something you get just after you need it. You might be maxing out the iPhone mic and not realizing it.


Used Beyma 18lx60 Woofer Speaker 18 For Sale in Mitchelstown, Cork from rockstar1

Do you have any weighting on the meter? The wiring appears to be accurate. Mounting Information Overall Diameter Is your meter calibrated? Why not build a cab with 4 matching drivers? Joseph, since I don’t know you or how much experience you have, please let me ask a dumb question.

Also, the meter used in testing is probably “Weighted”, with an “A” or “B” rating, and the difference being a roll off in the lower frequencies is introduced. Lugging one big box with wheels is easier than carrying four separate boxes.

There is a wide variety of loudspeakers examined in an HD 15 in the HD 15 forum.