WELCOME TO CANCERLAND A mammogram leads to a cult of pink kitsch. By Barbara Ehrenreich. I was thinking of it as one of those drive-by mammograms. Barbara Ehrenreich: Welcome to Cancerland. In this essay Ehrenreich takes a surprising and somewhat controversial take on Breast Cancer. Barbara Ehrenreich is a freelance writer and feminist activist who wrote the award-winning article “Welcome to Cancerland”, to express her own.

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Yet she felt it treasonous to dissent from the ever growing trend of happiness and transcendence in the breast cancer community. Ehrenreich, being an intelligent woman in a harrowing situation, knew the odds, ins, and outs for her situation, ones that hardly solicit optimism. And, as she admits, none of the evil practices were invented to harm—they were invented, like our current practices, in the hopeful expectation that they might help.

The View from In Here: Welcome to Cancerland

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Just as Susan Sontag dealt with her cancer diagnosis by writing the influential Illness as MetaphorErhenreich vigorously expiated her own trajectory with this articulate demonstration of classic anger.

But her research and depth that she has reached in this subject persuades me to rethink the breast cancer culture and community. I will not go into that last good night with a teddy bear tucked ehrnereich my arm.


Many doctors and epidemiologists also worked with feminists—sometimes even engaging them with their statistics–to bring about the demise of those ro medical evils. That line really shows how hard the disease has hit her and hit her hard.

There is really no personal nature to life because once one person gets familiar with barara the biological nature of life is taken from them.

Barbara also points out how one should be careful in her celebrations, because a ehrenerich can always return somewhere else or in a different form, causing the same if not more damage. Ehrenreich writes about breast cancer and chemotherapy with an attitude that is uncommon. I wish you another merry trip around the sun. But what caused this cynical view? One point in the essay recounts her angry comment on a support website.

Welcome To Cancerland

This site uses cookies. This dedication to her research makes me sense that she is tempted to believe in the campaigns.

Filed under week 6. In her mind, it is that simple. She sees these organizations as businesses that promote breast cancer awareness for their own financial gain. Posts may or may not appear, sporadically. This essay glorifies all parts of the journey that women go through when diagnosed with cancer.

Welcome to Cancerland

Since Barbara received her Ph. Following a PhD thesis in cell biology, her earlier works attacked medical care of women see for example the annotation of see for example the annotation of The Sexual Politics of Sickness and American life in poverty see Nickel and Dimed: Email required Address never wellcome public.


Here she was bombarded with comments that advised her to see a counselor, ehrejreich to find ways to be happy. She wants to deal with the disease and be done with it. October 24, at 6: The whole nature of the battle of cancer must be under scrutiny while reading this piece.

Like others have said, I too was somewhat irritated with the negativity that Ehrenreich had on the subject. Continuing with the loss of identity, Ehrenreich feels that the nameless doctors and radiologists have more to do with the entire process of diagnosis and recovery than she does herself.

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Welcome to cancerland

When you are diagnosed with a life threatening disease its strange to think that you must make yourself happy. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. She calls them cults and discredits the pink symbol. I think we both felt that these ehrenreicy scientists and doctors had this strange control over us as they had the ability to diagnose and classify us in a way that completely flipped our world upside down.